I found this on LinkedIn by Avtar Ram Singh. This is what some customers do to IT Consultants.

Here’s a scenario. You walk into a restaurant, sit down, and ask for the lobster. It’s an expensive dish and you’re aware of that, but you say you want something extravagant and want to indulge. They serve it to you. It’s $250. You say that doesn’t work for you and you’ve changed your mind. You don’t want it, and you’ll just take the fries that are $8. In which restaurant would this be acceptable?

In fact, think of the consequences of even attempting this. It’s absurd. It’s the same scenario when you ask your business partners for an in-depth plan, an expansive strategy, an operational audit, or a fresh, hard-hitting creative idea. Ask for only what you have the appetite for. And quite often, that goes beyond just a financial appetite.